Greenpeace Exhibition Stand

College Project Semester 1 (2014)

For my brief I was required to design an exhibition stand for a company or project of my choice. I decided to do mine on Greenpeace as I wanted to highlight the devastating consequences of littering and pollution, as well as the effects of of over-fishing in depleting our oceans. My stand could not be any larger than 4m x 4m x 4m and had to visualise a creative and unique design.

I researched different exhibition spaces, particularly ones with ambient lighting as I was considering doing an underwater theme for mine. I also thought I could make use of the ceiling space by having hanging sculptures or lights made out of plastic bottles, scrap metals and other litter generally found discarded in the ocean. I also looked at different colours and textures of underwater creatures and plants as well as ocean conservation artwork.

I also considered having partition walls or a walkway through my exhibition that would take the client on a journey through what is happening to our oceans. I also wanted to incorporate seating, desk/counter areas as well as interactive facilities such as display modules, computers and possibly even a children’s play area. I visited the National History museum in Edinburgh, Verdant Works and the Science Centre in Dundee to see how they incorporated these facilities.

I also needed to consider how my stand was going to look from the outside. I thought because it was underwater themed I could make it enclosed and dark, possibly as a sea creature which you would have to enter inside of and this is where I came up with the idea of the Jellyfish booths.

I also looked at other sea creatures I could do such as a sea turtle or whale.

Sea turtle concept

Whale concept

I also considered other ways I could create my underwater theme by using wave like structures and under water creature textures such as sponge and coral. Here are some more ideas I came up with.

In the end I decided to go with wave structures on the outer walls and the underwater theme in the interior. A partition wall would go up the middle creating a walkway which you would have to walk round. My design would also include computers along the back wall, an interactive children’s play area, a plastic bottle partition wall and hanging sea creature sculptures made out of recycled materials.

Final Design

I then drew up my final design using Google SketchUp.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next I had to build my scale model of my final design which I did at 1/20 scale. Here is the step by step of how I did it.

And here are the pictures of my final finished scale model. I think overall my final design concept worked out quite well, I think I made good use of the space & met all the requirements of the brief. Given more time I would have liked to have worked more with ambient lighting and hanging materials for my ceiling.

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