Smoothie Bar

Commercial Interior Design Project College Semester 2

My client has acquired the lease on a city centre premises in close proximity to shops, businesses and residential properties. She wants to open up a smoothie bar producing blended fruit refreshments catering for the health conscious market. She has employed me to create a new exciting design for these premises that will also exploit the potential of creating a new mezzanine level within the premises.

The smoothie bar will include a food preparation area, a serving counter, toilets, internet stations, seating areas storage and a mezzanine level with lift access. The design should be fresh and exciting as well as produce as a welcoming experience that will have customers returning again and again.

My aim is to produce an innovative interior design solution that will meet the client’s requirements. I will think about layout for ease of access and including all the amenities specified within the brief. My design should appeal to all age groups and backgrounds as well as convey the healthy and appealing refreshments the establishment has to offer. To do this I will consider suitable layouts, colour schemes, flooring and durable materials, cafe style furniture and lighting.

I began my task by researching similar establishments, counter areas, staircases, fruit art and textiles, colour schemes and colour psychology as well as building regulations.

I began brainstorming ideas I could do for my Smoothie Bar. We were handed out floor plans of the premises so I was able to experiment with different floor layouts on the lower and upper levels.

I then developed my ideas further. By using a central rounded counter area with a staircase which went around it. And different styles of seating throughout my smoothie bar to cater for different clients with different needs. The toilets were set away at the back out of sight and the wifi area made use of the area away from the windows upstairs.



I then drew up my final model in SketchUp.

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