Park(ing) Day – DEE(ver)CITY

Park(ing) Day is an annual global event where a parking space is temporarily transformed into a public space for the day. The project was started by Rebar in 2005 in San Francisco. More information can be found on Park(ing) Day here.

Six teams of Interior & Environmental Design students (years 2,3 and 4) took part in Park(ing) Day from DJCAD. I was in team 1 – Dee(ver)city. In our space we captured the ever-changing landscape of Dundee; how all the many different people and cultural backgrounds help to build the city’s infrastructure. A brief summary of the course of our project can be found below or you can read the full blog.

Blog Page 1

Blog Page 2

Blog Page 3

Blog Page 4

Blog Page 5

Blog Page 6

Blog Page 7

Blog Page 8

Blog Page 9

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