Reflective Pavilion Project Part 1

Analysis of site and Research

For my individual project this semester I am to design a small-scale temporary building that expresses and reflects the changes happening on Dundee’s waterfront. The pavilion is to be no larger than a standard UK parking space with dimensions no larger than 2500mm x 5000mm with height 4000mm. I must consider its placement, the views from my structure, who will have access to it and how people will move through it.

First of all I went and did a site visit of where the V&A museum is currently being constructed. I took photos and did a couple on on site drawings. What initially struck me was the vibrant contrast between the construction vehicles and cranes against the backdrop of the Tay river and Tay road bridge.

I also researched different pavilions and small scale structures online and in library books to get some inspiration for my own design. I particularly some of the serpentine gallery pavilions and world expo pavilions with their use of light and reflections and thought this would be a good thing to consider making use of in my own pavilion. You can view some of the pavilions I was looking at on my Pinterest board.

We had a number of different themes to look at as part of our design including Decay (organic and industrial) and Deconstruction/Reconstruction including building materials and indstrial machinery. I began to make some more sketches considering these themes using photos and drawings from site visits.




I also went back and did a secondary site visit down the waterfront area where the Railway bridge is. I went down after Uni so was in time to see the sun go down and get some good shots making use of the light and shadows at the time. I decided that this area would be an ideal position for my pavilion, it had excellent views a busy walk way and would make use of having a small scale structure placed here.


Continue to Part 2.

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