#UnDee Magazine

IMG_2385Over the last few weeks I have been put together with a team of students from other disciplines within the Design and Craft department of Duncan of Jordanstone. Together we have to put together a design magazine using things we have learned from our Change by Design module and we each have to write a 1000 article for it.



We have had a couple of team meetings so we can define what kind of magazine we want to do, who our readership is an a rough idea of what our articles are about. We have also set up another WordPress account, a Twitter page and a Facebook group so team members can easily communicate with each other throughout the project.




Above: our plan of action pages

We decide our magazine is going to be called #UnDee Magazine and we will be ‘Stripping Dundee Down’. Through our research we have discovered that there is a lot of design related events happening in the city that are not well publicised and not known about at all outwith the creative circle. We decide that out readership should be non-creatives or newcomers to the city who essentially would not know about all the ‘hidden gems’ that are happening across the city.

We have a plan of action now and an itinerary of upcoming events that we would like to attend. Here are the links to our #Undee magazine pages;

Undee Magazine

Undee on Twitter


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