Design in Dundee Documentary

The UnDee Magazine team are excited to be part of a collaborative project with local film maker Dylan Drummond making a short 5 minute documentary all about our insights on design in Dundee. We have been learning a lot about design in the city as part of our Change by Design module at Duncan of Jordanstone as well as research for our magazine articles. So it was interesting to get together and have a discussion about what we had found out and share our views albeit a little daunting doing it on camera.

I had arranged to meet Dylan that day to do an interview with him for UnDee magazine. He is the co-founder of the Humans of Dundee Facebook page and I was interested to hear his views on the human aspect and impact of design in the city. We decided to meet in the morning at Superstore Bar on South Tay Street so we would have the day today filming and also have time to fit in the interview too.

Superstore has a side room which is designed like a vintage launderette and has perfect ambient lighting for filming hence why Dylan had booked it. He has still got some more footage to shoot and more editing to do before the film is finished but I will post the link up as soon a he does.

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