Take a Seat Project Part 1

Over the last couple of weeks I have been involved in a group project where working together we have to research, develop, design and make a prototype stool that somehow reflects contemporary culture.


To start off we researched different contemporary issues so we could decide what we wanted to design our seat around. We also assigned ourselves roles, made up a timeline and researched different types of seating. Here is the link to my Pinterest board here.

We also sketched some initial ideas down. A few of the first ideas that we looked at were Stress/Anxiety and Homelessness/Immigration with them being contemporary issues at the moment. Here are a few ideas of seats I could design involving these issues.


In the end we decided to opt for substance abuse as our issue. It was such a broad based subject though so we had to try to narrow our research down and come up with a mission statement. As well as doing some research I had started to do some initial sketches around the key words.


A couple of the ideas that we wanted to progress with were the unattainable high Salvador Dali style seat which was too tall to climb up on, possibly with a ‘slippery slope’ or empty, transparent seat part. We also researched infinity mirrors as we thought thought it might be good to have this inside the stool to represent falling into an abyss. We started to make up some sketch models of our ideas;

Continue on to Part 2.






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