Take a Seat Project Part 3

Continued from Part 2.

After trying out a number of different things we had to refine our final concept. We were decided on the unattainable high stool but not on the actual shape of the seat and we wanted to find a way to incorporate our brain scans or Jim Lambie tape experiments we had been trying out as they were really exciting. We decided to make a second scale 1/2 prototype stool down in the workshop. This would give us a chance to figure out how we were going to warp the wood for the legs of our stool too. We glued several layers of wood on top of each other then put various clamps along the length and then tied it down to create the warped legs. We didn’t like the perfect shape of a circle or square for the seat so we decided to experiment with using one of the brain scan images instead.

We didn’t so much like the brain shape but thought it would be a really good effect if we were to keep the warped legs and use the tape on the seat in a hallucinagenic type pattern. We just needed to refine the shape of the seat so we made yet another prototype out of MDF. This time we made it like a warped square with rounded edges and cut the centre out using a jigsaw. There we would place cut out clear acrylic with the tape pattern around it to create an abyss. We also used our ribbed acetate on the top for extra effect!

And we finally had our final design, now we just had to make the real thing!

Continue to Part 4.





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