Fam-let, a share home for everyone


An affordable multi-generational housing solution catered for vulnerable groups living in social isolation which encourages a sense of community and engagement for those who need it the most.


The Fam-let share house provides multi-generational, communal living for the people who need it the most. I came up with the idea as these issues affect me on a personal level. I feel that not enough is being done to combat the problem of social isolation here in the UK, especially with the detrimental effect loneliness can have on physical and mental wellbeing.










Using the research and case studies I had gathered on social isolation I created a ‘cast of characters’ that would benefit from living in the share house I was designing.

eScan 1eScan 2

For the location we were given the site plans to the new Hillcrest development being designed by Collective Architecture on Dundee’s Derby Street. After some investigation into the site I decided upon knocking 3 of the family town houses together to make a larger share house for people living in social isolation to live in together.


I took inspiration from the Japanese Naruse Inokuma Sharehouse and Gary Chang’s Hong Kong Micro-apartments. I began to brainstorm ways that I could combine them both.

Using the plans of the townhouses I started zoning and making sketch models to experiment with combining all the areas together.


I have designed the ground level for the physically disabled and elderly and the upper level for single parent families and other vulnerable adults. The shared facilities include accessible bathroom and kitchen, laundry room, shared garden, play area and central living room. These areas are not only cost-effective but provide a higher and healthier standard of living for the residents. This model could also be adapted for other handicaps or to include more residents.

Fam-let is an affordable housing solution aimed at vulnerable groups who are socially isolated and/or living in poverty. People such as the elderly, disabled, single parents and carers who do not have families or support networks around them can choose to live in this shared home. The house has been designed to be like a tiny interior village with bright and airy communal areas and separate personal micro-cabins so residents can have their own privacy if so desired. Each micro-cabin can be adapted to support the individual person’s needs and these open up onto the communal areas encouraging social interaction, engagement and support.






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