Chronic Pain Project 2

Continuation from Chronic Pain Project Part 1

I collected various materials that felt uncomfortable to touch and together with the previous pain symbols and photo shoot photographs I created a sensory mood board to try to visualise the interior of my exhibition space.


I heard back from Edinburgh’s travelling gallery who kindly sent me the plans to their vehicle so I could redesign the space. I now had a very small restrictive space to work with but the fact that it was mobile meant I was now better able to spread more awareness about the subject. I looked to the work of Japanese installation artist Yoyoi Kusama for inspiration as I particularly admired her use of lighting and mirrors.


After some initial sketching I moved onto modelling to find a way to best use the space for my exhibition. This helped me move forward to a final design that made use of both the interior and exterior of the bus and provided a very sensory experience to help better understand the ordeal of living with a chronic pain condition as well as a seated advice area for sufferers.



After that I moved onto modelling my design on CAD as I worked on concluding the finer details.


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