architectural & spatial inspiration

Hannae Forest of Wisdom by UnSangDong Architects in South Korea
Riverside Museum by Zaha Hadid, Glasgow

For my family centre, I took a lot of inspiration from a variety of sources using spatial references from the many attractions I had visited as part of my research. Zaha Hadid’s Riverside Museum in Glasgow was a big inspiration with its large glass facade overlooking the river and zig-zagging roof. I also looked at The Engine Shed in Stirling as a great example of how an old industrial building can be repurposed for a multi-purpose visitor attraction whilst employing the use of technology, sustainability and tradition. I also looked further afield at some architectural inspiration worldwide including The Hannae Forest of Wisdom Community Centre with its feature roof in South Korea. Another big inspiration was the Barangaroo Early learning Centre in Australia with its stimulating learning environment and both indoor and outdoor garden areas.

Barangaroo Early Learning Centre, Australia by RSHP and PTW Architects.
Image showing the interior of the old high mill at Queen Victoria Works being taken over by nature again after lying derelict for a few decades

My biggest inspiration was how the old mill buildings on the site had succumbed to nature which was now thriving on the derelict site. I wanted my site to have a strong focus on nature and sustainability but also to include some of the historic industrial aspects of the former jute mill. The rusty cast iron columns led me on to doing experiments with copper scraps from the art college’s jewellery workshop where I experimented with creating my own patina effects. This would eventually become my colour scheme as I felt it represented the return to nature and the elements of air and water. In the end I put all my research and inspirations together to make up a mood board ready to guide me through my design development process.

Copper patina effect experimentation

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