The lade finishing touches

Now the building design was complete all that was left to do was finish the interior and do the final details. The main area I concentrated on was the large indoor play area. I made use of the fact that the site was 1.5 metre below street height by adding different levels into the main area as toddler and baby play pits.

These different heights continued into my community cafe area where I created a sunken dining area with low benches and tables suitable for children to sit at promoting more social interaction. There was mixed seating around the for adults and older children including dining booths looking into the play area. There is also a sunken tiered seating area around a fire pit overlooking the Lade and gardens to encourage people to sit together around the fire sharing stories at the end of the day.

The Lade centre has a large outdoor space. Families who use the centre will be encouraged to grow and tend their own crops and then to cook them in the communal kitchen or take them home with them. The children at the Maxwell centre workshops felt that gardening was very important and it was one of the main reasons that they went to the community centre. Gardening is a good life skill to have and it allows children to be outdoors in nature too. As well as the community orchard there are chicken coops, an outdoor play area and a sensory garden with a giant chess board for playing games. Tiered seating and slides lead down to the Lade from the main building and the area around the Lade is grassy making it an ideal spot for relaxing or having a picnic.

To find out more about my final design you can view the magazine over on my website.

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