College Project Semester 1 (2014)

As part of the college course we had to do a few photography projects. I researched traditional and modern photographic equipment. As well as this I looked at different photographic techniques including black & white photography, silhouette photography, forced perspective photography, using different shutter speeds and also using reflections. I then tried to employ some of these techniques into my upcoming photography projects.

Gardyne Road Campus Photo Essay

Some photos taken in and around the Dundee College Campus as required for assignment 1.

For our next assignment we were able to do a project of our own choosing. I decided to shadow a professional photographer and do a photo shoot using a model as I had not really done this type of photography before. The location of the photo shoot was Bell Street car park in Dundee and the only time we were able to do it was on a December evening. This proved challenging due to the mixture of dark and artificial lighting as well as the fact I was shooting a real life subject. I would like to thank Alan from ProjectA for helping me with the photography and giving me some great tips and also Orion for modelling for us.

Bell Street Car Park Photo Shoot

Some of the photographs I took that night.

For my final assignment I had to do a photo montage. I decided to do a day in the life of my friend and neighbour Shirley. I followed her around one Sunday and took quite a lot of photographs. Below are some of the selected photographs from that day.

A day in the life…

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