Take a Seat Project Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

We decided we wanted to push ahead with our ‘unattainable high’ and ‘slippery slope’ ideas. We rsearched online and went down to the Student Union to see the height of a normal bar stool, we wanted ours to be taller than this. So after a rough technical drawing and quick mock up on CAD we made a prototype out of cardboard.

At this point we found the stool was maybe a bit too high, we wanted it to be higher than normal but not so much it was like a shelf. We decided to lower the height and rethink the shape of the seat and legs.

We had been experimenting with some ribbed acetate and brain scans on drugs in the studio too to great effect but we were racking our brains how we could use this exciting effect in our design. We had also come across Jim Lambie in one of our lectures and thought a similar tape design incorporated into our design would be great, possibly using the same colours from one of the brain scans to create a vortex or ‘downward spiral’ type pattern.



We went down to the workshop to discuss with Malcolm the technician what materials were available to us and how we could use them. We also needed to refine our design. I did a few more sketches and a mock up on Google SketchUp. Our first prototype was definitely too square so we wanted to find a way we could make it more warped.



Continue to Part 3.


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