Future Workplace (Final Design)

This is Part 3 The Final Design of my Future Workplace project if you want to read about the earlier stages you can here;
Part 1: Future Workplace (Research & Concept)
Part 2: Future Workplace (Design Development)


This work space has been designed for an Exhibition Design company called Ludomentis, the theme being ‘Playground of the Mind.’ Being an Exhibition Design company I realised had to do something playful and theatrical that was really going to attract attention; something that would make passers-by curious as to what lies within the interior of this building. A place that actually communicated that it was an Exhibition Design company, that invited both client and public in as well as being a pleasant, inspiring place for the creatives who work there.


Left section view of my final design

The rest of the work place is designed around the employee. The organic flowing shapes and natural elements combined with the colourful theatrics aid an escape from the draconian impersonalisation often seen in modern offices. Employee choice is forefront; there are desks available to personalise, or not. The workspace can accomodate 20 employees on site but has the facilities for many more. Employees may even work from home if it suits but amenities such as the workshop or client meeting places are available on site should they require. The environment is designed to be in use both day and night recognising all individuals have different schedules and lifestyles. Entry to the workspace is directly through the neuron tent and exhibition area but there is also an external glass staircase with leads up directly to the office area.


As for materials I used oak flooring in the office as I wanted to keep the backdrop of the office as neutral as possible and tie it in with the existing brickwork. I used tinted solar glass for the windows, skylights, window seat and external staircase as I thought this would be more cost effective and practical. The wavy internal facade is made from reflective glass to add some drama to the exhibition area. The neuron tent itself is made from an opaque thermoplastic: Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) as it is durable but would allow the coloured L.E.D lights to shine through. You can see the different materials and zones of my work space in the diagram below;


  1. This is my workshop and maker space, these facilities are available for employees to build prototypes and scaled models. This space also has the potential to be made available as a maker lab for students/ other organisations who could make use of it.


2. The main office covers the first floor mezzanine area with access via a glass external staircase and elevator. The space allows panoramic views out the windows as well as across the downstairs exhibition area. The desk areas provide employees with a choice of what kind of seating they would prefer; modular computer desks or group work tables and whether or not they would like to personalise their space.


3. The kitchen and games room provides facilities for employees during meal times and breaks. The seating area also doubles up as gaming table to fully encourage social interaction between staff members on their downtime.


4. The neuron hub is the nerve centre of the building. The room is fitted with a large organic shaped table and comfortable seating as well as an integrated plasma screen and projection displays. It is designed to be a place where creatives can meet and collaborate together on projects in an alluring environment. It is also a facility with which to welcome clients, do presentations and pitch ideas. When not in use for these it could also be opened up to the public as part of the exhibition display.


5. The area around the neuron tent is the main exhibition space including wall displays of previous and current projects, a reception desk and group seating areas as well as access to the ground floor of the central neuron hub. The back of the building is cordoned off by a large reflective wavy façade to provide private working areas and facilities for employees. Clients and the general public are invited into this area for viewing displays, meetings and even participating in any interactive installations and workshops that are available.


6. The Cool-off Cupola is located in the upper chamber of the neuron dome, a place for employees to unwind when they are stressed. It is an employee only area which is accessed from the first floor office area. The room has a domed ceiling, colourful lights and is fitted with adjustable recliners making it the ideal place to relax or even gain some new inspiration when creative block strikes.


Below are some pictures of my 1:50 scaled model of my final design. You can see the layout of the building and how the neuron tent would light up with colourful L.E.D lights.

The Ludomentis universal design theme extends to welcoming the public as well as clients in and letting everyone share the experience of the space. The workplace has been designed to be accessible for everyone including wheel chair users. The design is centred around breaking down barriers between people, encouraging collaboration and participation which in turn promotes creativity and growth.


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